Every Moment is a Memory

Some Examples of layouts for DM-999
Some Examples of layouts for DM-999

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Berths and Bedrooms
Berths and Bedrooms

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Some Examples of layouts for DM-999
Some Examples of layouts for DM-999

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About Delta Models



Trains have held my interests for many years from life size to models. I am retired and am happy to be able to devote more time to being in my shop. Previously worked with HO scale for 40 plus years. Now I currently focus on O scale. I enjoy airbrushing and designing new casting in my spare time. Due to health issues of a severe hearing loss all communication is best done through e-mail unless otherwise instructed. Thank you for visiting my site and I look foreword to doing business with you.


We are a one man show when it comes to designing and producing castings and parts. Some times our anticipated release dates will slide depending on how large a project may be. This is true with the RPO Baggage interior parts the DM 507B  has 54 parts that comprize this kit. A lot of man hours have gone into thse kits to date.


The reason that this parts line has been created, was that I was building O scale passenger cars for myself. When it came time to add detail parts, they were hard to find and nonexistant. There had been parts done over the years but most had now faded into the woodwork of time. Companies discontinued the products all together. This has been very frustrating not being able to get correct parts for projects that are years old and never may be finished. I have always been a scratch builder and collector.


I have been told that I am in a very niche market with modelers, not wanting to build kits or scracth build cars. So Far what I am seeing is a resurgance by having my product line available. The manufacture and importers that are doing passenger cars are helping my cause, with older ones as well.


We have created a very good web site and produced a very well done catalog,   Both have very well detailed photos and descriptions .  I strongly believe that you should be able to veiw what you want to purchase by having good information to make a good sound decision.  By having these it has helped us reach a new market and get the word out. We are advertising in some very good media outlets as well.


Sales for the last 3 years have been increasing about 25-30%  per year.

So we must be doing things right, we listing to our customers for feed back for new parts and plan accordingly.


We are here to stay and are expanding the parts line on a daily and weekly basis. In all we thank you for your support now and in the future.  Looking forward to your order soon.


Regards  Bill Basden

About Our Castings

About the design of our castings---What we use

to get the end result:


We strive to offer you the most prototypical parts that we can in both size and fidelity. Many hours of research go into the creation of the patterns to produce castings. we use a lot of research from actual plans and reference books mainly encyclopedia that have been published over the years.


Most all our castings will be for specific cars and prototypes, but are also adapted to most rail roads and car manufactures., ie Pullman-- Budd--- and ACF  American Car ad Foundry.


We also use the most current O scale models to design our castings for the proper fit and size. Atlas---GGD---Mack shops. And all brass importers as well.  Once the parts ar designed, they are milled on a vertical mill for proper fit to the models they will fit. This allows you the least amount of work to fit to the models.


With all this, and what we offer we feel our part cost are justified.

Yes our part cost are high on some parts, but there is a lot of intensive labor envolved, to get the end results.



How to use the castings:


These castings are an engineering grade resin with very little if any shrinkage. They can be painted with most paints but Floquil Enamel or Acrylics work the best. Some pin holes may be in the castings. Super glue or body filer will work best to fill these in. To prepare the castings for painting, wash them in warm water with a good cleaning degreaser, rinse well and then rinse in denatured alcohol. Let air dry 24 hours. 


With the demise of Floquil rail road colors from the retail market place. We suggest in its place to use the Scale coat or Tru Color brands of paint, you can brush or spray it on, but may have to be primed using there primer. Also there thinner as well.









Please note flash Removal:   


On some castings flash will have to be removed, this is best done using an emery board or sharp hobby knife with #11 blade.


Usually this is on the smaller parts that may be a separate application such as arm rest for chairs----separate doors on AC units

may also apply to other items also.


Attaching Castings to under-body:


Most of the cars that we do our floors are brass sheet. So we use a

mixture of brass castings and resin castings as well. You may also use a plastic floor or what ever media you are working with.


We have found that to attach the resin castings to the floor, is best done with a screw and super glue. The best screws we have found

to do this is a self taping 2x6mm available from NWSL PN #11806-5


Drill the appropriate  hole in the casting and floor and just screw the casting to the floor and super glue screw head. Screw heads are on the interior side of the floor. Note you may have to recess the screw head, but not always necessary.