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Mobile 503 443 5230 Mon-Friday 11am-6pm PST


Owner:   Bill Basden




                  Delta Models

                  P O Box  631

                  Wood burn ,Oregon

                  97071 - 0631


Please note : We have a very severe hearing disorder.

If you call and we are having trouble understanding you.

We will ask you to contact us via our Email address.

We will reply to you as soon as we can.
thank you for your understanding. Some days
are better than others.














Please Note: 

We only send out newsletters every 6-12 months


Please set your spam filters to recieve our news letters as Delta Models.  If you do not it will be returned as undeliverable. In our recent news letter that was sent recently several Email addresses where showing in error. If it comes back we will delete you from the notifications. It may better to re do your Email address.

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