This interior  will allow you to install all the main components for the ACF Pullman Plan 9008 Lot 3200 PRR 10/6 Sleeper. These were used on the joint Penn Texas with the PRR and the Missouri Pacific  pool service. It includes 68 pieces and .016" brass walls soldered comprisizing 3 modules attached to your sub base floor.
Also included is a 1/4" scale drawing of the car floor plan with part numbers for location.

Please note: this is a made to order item made up from available parts. May take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

DM-500 Interior Set ACF PRR 10/6 Sleeper

  • QT(1)DM 114 Water Cooler Annex; QT(1)DM115 Porters Section Annex Fold down upper berth and lockers open; QT(1)DM116 Porters Section Seat; QT(1)DM117 Bedroom Berth Long; QT(3)DM118 Section Berth Short; QT(10)DM119 Hopper Toilets; QT(10)DM120 Fold Down Washstand/Toilet Annex; QT(5)DM121L Wardrobe Closet Annex Left; QT(5)DM121R Wardrobe Closet Annex Right; QT(1)DM122 BR Upper Fold Down Berth Partition wall; QT(2)DM122A Bedroom Upper Fold Down Berth/ opposite wall; QT(1)DM123 Elect Cab at Porter Section 40” x 45” x 6”; QT(1)DM124 Diagonal Linen Closet 27” w x 63” h; QT(1)DM128 Double Wardrobe Annex Opposing BR; QT(1)DM130L Large Wardrobe Annex Left QT(1)DM130R Large Wardrobe Annex Right QT(1)DM164 ACF Toilet Annex Left Door; QT(1)DM164A ACF Toilet Annex Right Door; QT(1)DM180 General Toilet / Linen PRR 10/6 Sleeper ACF; QT(2)DM181 Toilet Annex Bedroom A&B E&F PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM182 Fold down Upper Berth Bedroom B&C PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM183 Toilet Annex Bedroom B&C PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM184 Fold down Upper Berth Bedroom F PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM185 Toilet Annex Bedroom F PRR 10/6; QT(5)DM186 Fold down Upper Berth Sec 2-10 PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM186A Upper Berth Insert Sec 10; QT(5)DM187 Fold down Upper Berth Sec 1-9 PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM187A Upper Berth Insert Sec 9; QT(1)DM188L Elec Cabinet Left PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM188R Elec Cabinet Right PRR 10/6 Also included are interior walls and partitions of .016" brass sheet soldered. A photo of the car plan with the castings attached, along with a actual size plan with corresponding part #'s showing locations. For use as a reference.

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