This interior  will allow you to install all the main components for the ACF Pullman Plan 9008 Lot 3200 PRR 10/6 Sleeper. These were used on the joint Penn Texas with the PRR and the Missouri Pacific  pool service. It includes 68 pieces and .016" brass walls soldered comprisizing 3 modules attached to your sub base floor.
Also included is a 1/4" scale drawing of the car floor plan with part numbers for location.

Please note: this is a made to order item made up from available parts. May take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

DM-500 Interior Set ACF PRR 10/6 Sleeper

  • QT(1)DM 114 Water Cooler Annex; QT(1)DM115 Porters Section Annex Fold down upper berth and lockers open; QT(1)DM116 Porters Section Seat; QT(1)DM117 Bedroom Berth Long; QT(3)DM118 Section Berth Short; QT(10)DM119 Hopper Toilets; QT(10)DM120 Fold Down Washstand/Toilet Annex; QT(5)DM121L Wardrobe Closet Annex Left; QT(5)DM121R Wardrobe Closet Annex Right; QT(1)DM122 BR Upper Fold Down Berth Partition wall; QT(2)DM122A Bedroom Upper Fold Down Berth/ opposite wall; QT(1)DM123 Elect Cab at Porter Section 40” x 45” x 6”; QT(1)DM124 Diagonal Linen Closet 27” w x 63” h; QT(1)DM128 Double Wardrobe Annex Opposing BR; QT(1)DM130L Large Wardrobe Annex Left QT(1)DM130R Large Wardrobe Annex Right QT(1)DM164 ACF Toilet Annex Left Door; QT(1)DM164A ACF Toilet Annex Right Door; QT(1)DM180 General Toilet / Linen PRR 10/6 Sleeper ACF; QT(2)DM181 Toilet Annex Bedroom A&B E&F PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM182 Fold down Upper Berth Bedroom B&C PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM183 Toilet Annex Bedroom B&C PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM184 Fold down Upper Berth Bedroom F PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM185 Toilet Annex Bedroom F PRR 10/6; QT(5)DM186 Fold down Upper Berth Sec 2-10 PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM186A Upper Berth Insert Sec 10; QT(5)DM187 Fold down Upper Berth Sec 1-9 PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM187A Upper Berth Insert Sec 9; QT(1)DM188L Elec Cabinet Left PRR 10/6; QT(1)DM188R Elec Cabinet Right PRR 10/6 Also included are interior walls and partitions of .016" brass sheet soldered. A photo of the car plan with the castings attached, along with a actual size plan with corresponding part #'s showing locations. For use as a reference.

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 *  Item DM 602  the 36 x 6 x 6   Carry cases will be discontinued when sold out.

this is being done as  36"  long cases are just to heavy with the weight of the model

to be carried round and  into most layout rooms .

So we have gone to the  24 x 6 x 6  --    24 x 9 x 6  --   30 x 9 x 6  ---  30 x 6 x 6


This has been the choice of  many customers, who have purchase