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This kit will allow you to install components. Includes 47 pieces.Please note: this is a made to order kit made up from available parts. May take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

DM-501 ACF 5 DBL Bedroom Same as DM-500 SET

  • Included parts QT(1)DM 114 Water Cooler Annex; QT(1)DM115 Porters Section Annex Fold down upper berth and lockers open; QT(1)DM122 BR Upper Fold Down Berth Partition wall; QT(2)DM122A Bedroom Upper Fold Down Berth/opposite wall; QT(14)DM144 Single Seat w/ Arm Rest; QT(2)DM144A Double Seat w/ Arm rest; QT(1)DM151 Porter Seat Raise/Lowered; QT(1)DM155 ACF Elec Cab 44”W x 96”H x 16”D Double Upper Door; QT(1)DM156 ACF Elec Cab 44”W x 96”H x 14”D Full Door; QT(1)DM157 ACF Elec Cab 40”W x 46”H x 12”D w/ Double Door; QT(1)DM159 ACF Toilet Annex at Vestibule End 5 Double Bedroom; QT(1)DM160 ACF Wardrobe Annex by Back to Back Bedroom; QT(1)DM161 ACF Double Toilet Annex Apposing Bedroom w/ Wardrobe Closet; QT(3)DM162 ACF Lower Berth Long; QT(2)DM163 ACF Lower Berth Short; QT(1)DM164 ACF Toilet Annex Left Door; QT(1)DM164A ACF Toilet Annex Right Door; QT(1)DM165 ACF Single Wardrobe Annex side door; QT(1)DM200 Lower Alcove Ceiling; QT(1)DM201L Left Mural Side Panel Section 33”W x 84”H.; QT(1)DM201R Right Mural Side Panel Section 33”W x 84”H.; QT(2)DM202 Diner/Lounge Table Tops 30”W x 42”H 4 per set; QT(1)DM202A Diner/Lounge Table Tops 18”W x 33”L. 4 per set.; QT(2)DM203L Diner/Lounge Cushioned Booth Seats 42”W x 36”H; QT(2)DM203R Diner/Lounge Cushioned Booth Seats 42”W x 36”H; QT(1)DM209 Nickel Silver Outer Wall at Soda Fountain. Also included are interior walls and partitions of .016" brass sheet walls soldered. A photo of the car plan with the castings attached, along with a actual size plan with corresponding part #'s showing locations. For use as a reference.
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