This is a generic set of parts put together from the existing parts line,to replace the molded floor piece that comes on the Golden Gate depot streamline series
of cars. This will allow you to have better looking and more accurate types of models, and does away with the toy train look. The floor piece is .040" thick styrene with all the mounting holes and an opening for the light switch as well. You will have to mount the new parts to the floor and paint as required .

DM-506 Underbody set for GGD SL cars

  • The kit contains the following parts. 9 total QT (1) DM 103 water tank QT (1) DW 103A Filler Troughs QT (2) DM 104A Battery box Double QT (1) DM 113 Electrical cabinet QT (1) DM 131 AC Comp Control Box QT (1) DM 132 Starter switch Box QT (1) DM 243 AC Unit QT (1) DM 506A .040" styrene floor piece

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 *  Item DM 602  the 36 x 6 x 6   Carry cases will be discontinued when sold out.

this is being done as  36"  long cases are just to heavy with the weight of the model

to be carried round and  into most layout rooms .

So we have gone to the  24 x 6 x 6  --    24 x 9 x 6  --   30 x 9 x 6  ---  30 x 6 x 6


This has been the choice of  many customers, who have purchase