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This is a complete kit to use on the ACF Santa Fe Regal series Cars Imported by Pecos River Brass. Wall partitions are fabricated from .016 shee brass soldered to sub base floor

Most parts can also be used on other cars as well, ACF
Pullman and Budd.

Please note: this is a made to order kit made up from available parts. May take 4-6 weeks for delivery.

DM-515 Santa Fe Regal Sleeper Kit

  • This kit has 54 parts total, and includes all the interior partitions that are required. Also has a photo mockup with the parts place for your reference as well. Parts included. QT(1)DM 260 Electric Eqmt/ soiled linen locker. QT(1)DM 261 Toilet annex Compt B QT(1)DM 262 Toilet annex Compt F QT(1)DM 262A Toilet Annex Compt G QT(1)DM 263 Toilet Annex Compt I QT(1)DM 264 Toilet Annex Drw RM D QT(1)DM 265 Toilet Annex Drw RM E QT(3)DM 266 Fold Down Berth QT(3)DM 266A fold Down Berth QT(1)DM 266B fold Down Berth/open with Mattress (optional) QT(1)DM 267 Porter Roomette ( 1 Ea. 267A,B,C,D,E ) QT(1)DM 268 Water Cooler Annex with cabinets QT(1)DM 269 General Toilet Annex QT(3)DM 270 Fold down upper Berth Drw Rm D/Br Rm H&J QT(3)DM 272 Fold Down Upper Berth Drw Rm E/Br Rm A&C QT(4)DM 273 Fold Out toilet/ sink Annex QT(6)DM 162 Lower Berth Long ( option DM 162A folded down ) QT(6)DM 163 Lower Seat Short ( option DM 163A folded down ) Also included are interior walls and partitions of .016" sheet brass hand fabricated for walls and partitions. A photo of the car plan with the castings attached, along with a actual size plan with corresponding part #'s showing locations. For use as a reference.
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