This kit is designed for the 14 / 2 / 1 sleeper cars as built by ACF. the pieces provide will do a complete car. this car was used by the Mopac--KCS and B&O and may fit other cars ass well.

The modules come to you built up ready to paint to be  mounted to your floor base with self tapping machine screws provided.

This is a special order item allow 4-6 week delivery.

DM 541 Pullman 14 /1 / 2 Sleeper built up

  • Parts included are built up brass walls of .016" sheet stock onto your  floor base. with small self tapping screws provided , with various resin parts to make up the bedroom layout from an actually car plan.

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 *  Item DM 602  the 36 x 6 x 6   Carry cases will be discontinued when sold out.

this is being done as  36"  long cases are just to heavy with the weight of the model

to be carried round and  into most layout rooms .

So we have gone to the  24 x 6 x 6  --    24 x 9 x 6  --   30 x 9 x 6  ---  30 x 6 x 6


This has been the choice of  many customers, who have purchase