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These are very nice hand Made wood carrying cases for transporting O scale models--Passenger cars--locomotives--cabooses as well. They come in four different sizes.

* The base price is $350.00 + additional $25.00 shipping surcharge because of weight and packaging.

Please note: These are special order items may take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.

DM 603 Wood Transport Case 30x9x6

  • The case is 30 x 9 x 6 ( 29"x 8" inside dimension -- less foam thicknes ) weight 10lbs 12oz.This is our Mid size case with 2 sets of wheel slots, that allows models to be set side by side. . For locomotives up to 26" length with a small caboose. Was specifically designed to carry 2 EMD Passenger E3 -- E 8 models side by side EMD F series A and B units will work also. These are hand made from poplar wood--foam inside--Piano hinged base with wheel flange recess and rubber feet pads finished in clear poly gloss.

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