These are very special T & P  8000 gal water cars, Using Modified USH 301 tank cars constructed of brass and stainles steel roof walks. Has a 60" dia flat top dome  with a 24" dia working filler hatch. brass trucks with working journal covers and roller bearing wheels --- Westinghouse AB brake detail --- has 2   6 ft  rubber filler hoses one at each end --- custom painted MW brown with white lettering.  This represents the last configuation in appliances and looks.  The data used was a 1/4" scale plan that the late Joe Collias made for an artical in the MPHS Eagle vol 20 no 1  Spring 1995



Note these are special order items with a 4-6 week delivery time

DM 625 Brass 8000 gal Texas & Pacific water car

  • These are being offered  to compliment with the release  of the SSM Texas & Pacifc 2 10 4 .  Will also go well with the Max Gray model of the 2 10 4  imported in 1963 . These were used on tonage  Tank trains  during the war  on 125 blocks of tank cars from west Texas to the east coast.

    There are only 8 models being offered in 2 rail only

    2 sold.

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 *  Item DM 602  the 36 x 6 x 6   Carry cases will be discontinued when sold out.

this is being done as  36"  long cases are just to heavy with the weight of the model

to be carried round and  into most layout rooms .

So we have gone to the  24 x 6 x 6  --    24 x 9 x 6  --   30 x 9 x 6  ---  30 x 6 x 6


This has been the choice of  many customers, who have purchase