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These are very special T & P  8000 gal water cars, Using Modified USH 301 tank cars constructed of brass and stainles steel roof walks. Has a 60" dia flat top dome  with a 24" dia working filler hatch. brass trucks with working journal covers and roller bearing wheels --- Westinghouse AB brake detail --- has 2   6 ft  rubber filler hoses one at each end --- custom painted MW brown with white lettering.  This represents the last configuation in appliances and looks.  The data used was a 1/4" scale plan that the late Joe Collias made for an artical in the MPHS Eagle vol 20 no 1  Spring 1995



Note these are special order items with a 4-6 week delivery time

DM 625 Brass 8000 gal Texas & Pacific water car

  • These are being offered  to compliment with the release  of the SSM Texas & Pacifc 2 10 4 .  Will also go well with the Max Gray model of the 2 10 4  imported in 1963 . These were used on tonage  Tank trains  during the war  on 125 blocks of tank cars from west Texas to the east coast.

    There are only 8 models being offered in 2 rail only

    2 sold.

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